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We now hoave lights. Ft. Barnard CCA open until 9:00 p.m.
This animation will refresh in just a few seconds.

Lights fully operational

All timers at Fort Barnard CCA are operational after being tested between 9 and 11 A.M. this morning. Brrrr
The primary timer is set to be operational from 5 P.M. to 9 P.M. and the red strobe alert light is set and operational to flash at 45 minutes after the lights are activated. The strobe is a reminder that the lights will be going off and if there is a need for continued lighting the button should be pressed again.

If the button is not pushed to reactivate the lights in the 15 minute window the lights go through a cool down period and it may take a minute or two for the lights to activate again. This delay is an operating feature of the particular type of light bulb used by the lights.

This morning the lights have been focused on the field and adjusted to light more of the park. There will be a review of the pattern of lighting during evening hours this weekend to optimize the lighting of the park and further adjustments will be made if necessary.

At this time we have not signed off on the work but will review the system timers and lighting coverage and meet with the contractor early next week along with PNR electricians to verify the system is fully operational. I will advise you of that meeting and the outcomes.

Best Regards

Lyndell D. Core
Park Manager
Park Service Area 3

Posted January 25, 2008

Update January 22, 2008 from Lyndell Core

Fort Barnard CCA lights are operational but require further adjustment. This has been communicated to the CCA sponsor, Coday Cunningham on Friday and followup to questions on Saturday via email

I tested the lights over the weekend.
Currently, the lights will turn on for one hour if the button is pushed. The lights shut off after one hour but can be turned on again until 8 P.M.

The lights are operational from 5 P.M. until 9 P.M. seven days a week.

Remaining actions
1. The lights heads need to be adjusted manually to provide more light out into the park. The light poles are installed around the perimeter of the park excluding the boundary along S. Walter Reed Drive. We knew and communicated before and during the project that the lights would be adjusted.

2. There is an additional timer to be installed which will control a strobe light which will light to indicate there is 15 minutes until lights out. This is the identical system installed at county tennis courts and other fields with timed lighting.

Both remaining actions are scheduled to be completed this week.

Lyndell D. Core
Park Manager
Park Service Area 3

Posted January 22, 2008

January 18 Update from Coday

Lyndell (Arlington Co. Parks dept) and the contractor were at the park this afternoon. I stopped by & met w/ them; the place is a mudpit w/ melting snow..... We have the juice & the the installed switch should turn on the lights for a 2 hr period-they will shut off at 9pm.

The contractor still has more work to calibrate the switch; he says he plans to come monday to finish. The warning light isn't operating yet. So, when you hit the lights, Lyndell says the lights will stay on for 2hrs....but there are lights.

I won't be there tonight....hopefully, will be there tomorrow night. If anyone goes to the DP tonight and you have any feedback to relay to Lyndell, email me.

(Wear your boots and bring towels to clean the dogs-its a mess up there)

Posted January 21, 2008

December 27 Update

We are in the 2-3 week window. The Dominion Virginia online project site shows a scheduled completion date of Friday, January 4 and a project completion date of January 11, the following Friday. I just need confirmation from my electrical vendor that all parties are looking at the same schedule and talking about when, where, what and expectations to wrap it up and light the park. I FAXED the schedule to my vendor and expect coordination and feedback some time today.

Lyndell D. Core
Park Manager
Park Service Area 3

Posted December 27, 2009

Information regarding Arlington County Spending in other CCAs.

From: Cunningham, Coday [mailto:Coday.Cunningham@fairfaxcounty.gov]
Sent: Friday, December 21, 2007 9:09 AM
To: Lyndell Core
Subject: beware, this is a passive-aggressive email....no additional work was done after the concrete slab was preped for the box....
Importance: High

Needless to say it has damped spirits in a major way...to add a little salt to the wound, one of our regulars, who works for Arlington County Gov't, reported he'd recieveved an email stating that county gov't $ had been approved (1.7 million) for an official Clarendon CCA (you know, "the sexy" dogpark). ....bet they'll get their lights fast..... and it has taken nearly over two years for us to get park lights....next we hope to get mulch and the drain/H20 issue remedied. We're thinkin' a group of folks at Arlington County really hates us. We mean, come on, we all know federal and county gov't's can move slower than mollasses in January, but this is beyond ridiculous.

When we started this process, in December of 2005, we were told that County $ would not be available for CCA's, that we "had to go thru the process like everyone else" and could only raise $ through our own efforts and apply for PEG $, so we did. So, you can imagine, there's much discussion at the DP about Clarendon's projected CCA renovation.

Two of our regulars were at the park at the same time as the contractor-they discussed this contruction progress-the contractor blamed the county for giving project instuctions in bits & pieces, which is why the contractor said this is taking so long. We get info. from you re: the contractors efforts to perpetuate the delays. At this point, forgive my bluntness, but, we don't care who does or says what. We just need the lights so we can keep our dogs exercised and park users can see friends (dog & human) and not become isolated during daylight savings time; some of our park regulars rely heavily on the CCA activity for social interaction and socializing.. I tell ya, my little Gus is gonna drive me to drink-he has so much pent up energy that I can't get out of him b/c there aren't enough hours of daylight. I look forward to the day when this Light project is done and I can bug you about smaller issues like mulch & drainage and shelter at the CCA....as you said, things that the county has more control over.

If your traveling over the holidays, be safe. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope you'll get a longer vacation-are you taking leave between the holidays? ...our clinic will be open for business (open the doors and they will come...) :)

Coday V. Cunningham

With the following reply from Arlington County Employee, Lyndell Core:

From: Lyndell Core [mailto:Lcore@arlingtonva.us]
Sent: Friday, December 21, 2007 10:32 AM
To: Cunningham, Coday
Subject: RE: beware, this is a passive-aggressive email....no additional work was done after the concrete slab was preped for the box....

Thanks for your note.

The Clarendon CCA identified as 13th and Herndon does not have an approved budget but has an approved preliminary design. At this time there is no allocation of funding for the CCA. The $1.75M is a preliminary cost estimate for what the design will cost with infrastructure improvements like sidewalks, site preparation, drainage and the other components like demonstration gardens, green space, etc.,

The 13th and Clarendon site is very different from the Fort Barnard site and the “suggested” improvements there in the preliminary plan are a result of the community process. Those improvements are not guaranteed until the money is allocated by the County Board.

Lights have not been approved for 13th and Herndon and the Chairman of the County Board noted that in his remarks, adding that ljghting is a separate issue and will be decided at a later date in a community process.

I can’t speak to the vendor’s comments about their perspective on the project delays and won’t address second hand comments about who said what. I respond to what I know. There are competing demands for time and resources. This is not the only job the vendor is working on, nor is it the only job we are working on but that doesn’t lessen the importance of completing the task.

Towers Park has lights and is open after dark. I know their lights are working because we had outage problems there last week. We repaired a broke gate earlier this week but, still have drainage and water problems and fence repair needs. But it is still a functional space available for use. We are working on their issues just like Banneker’s drainage problems, Madison’s lack of water, Utah’s fence, Glen Carlyn’s erosion and Shirlington’s access to Four Mile Run for runaway dogs.

I will be here during the holidays, no travel plans, out only for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I think you got some bad information. You know I am frustrated and anxious for the lights to be in and operational. Thanks for being open and communicating your concerns.


Posted December 21, 2007

December 17 Update

The concrete pad for the control box was poured today. The electrician will install the control box on Monday or Tuesday depending on the weather. The electrician will verify with Dominion when Dominion will run the line across the street and turn on the power. It is not as easy as flipping the switch. Dominion has to run a wire across the street to the existing pole and then turn on the power. You can bet when I get a date from Dominion I’ll call you right away.

Lyndell D. Core
Park Manager
Park Service Area 3

Posted December 17, 2008