Douglas Dogs is the sponsoring group that accepts and performs maintenance and operational functions at the Ft. Barnard Community Canine Area (CCA).

Douglas Dogs is listed as the Adopter with Arlington County in the “Adopt-a-Program”. The Adopt-a-Program was established to enhance the environment and appearance of Arlington County.

The responsibilities provided by Douglas Dogs are:

  • Ensure that the area is free of animal feces
  • Act as a liaison between users and local residents
  • Address complaints from park user
  • Provide education on park rules and regulations to users
  • Report maintenance needs to the Parks and Natural Resources Division
  • Maintain liaison with the Arlington County Animal Control to inform them of problems.

As of June 1, 2006, Coday Cunningham and Lisa Walthers have signed the Adopt-a-Program paperwork with Arlington County on behalf of Douglas Dogs.

Why are we called Douglas Dogs and not Ft. Barnard Dogs?

The neighborhood that Ft. Barnard Park resides in is called Douglas Park. Also, there was another organization called Douglas Dogs which is now defunct. However, it was decided to use that name since there is community and County government recognizition of that name and the efforts of that group to get Ft. Barnard Dog Park established.