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Fundraising FAQs

Question: Why do we have to raise money for a project on Arlington County property?

The Arlington County Parks & Recreation Department budget is not large enough to cover all the expenses required for park maintenance and capital upgrades. The Parks & Recreation Department has allocated some money for our project, but the gap between what the department will pay and what is needed has to be privately raised.

Question: Why are checks made payable to Arlington Dogs instead of Douglas Dogs, the sponsor of Ft. Barnard Dog Park?

Douglas Dogs is not a formal organization recognized by IRS. Arlington Dogs is a 501(c)7 which means it does not have to declare the money raised as income to the organization. Please note, money paid to a 501(c)7 is not tax deductible per IRS regulations.

Question: How do we know the money given to Arlington Dogs will be used for the Ft. Barnard lighting project?

Arlington Dogs is an umbrella organization for all of the dog parks in Arlington County and has successfully been the banker for fundraising activities for other dog parks. The checks collected for our lighting project are identified by writing “Douglas Dogs Ft. Barnard Lighting Project” in the memo. Also, we have identified specific Douglas Dogs people to collect the checks so that we can track the money collected before turning the checks over to Arlington Dogs.

Question: What happens if we do not receive PEG money or it is less than the maximum $12,000 amount?

If we do not receive the PEG money, we need to either raise the money or put the project on hold and apply for the grant next year.

Question: What happens if we collect more money than what is needed for the lighting project?

All money raised will be used for the Ft. Barnard Dog Park. It is unlikely that we will raise a large amount in excess of what is needed for the lights, but any money raised will be used for Ft. Barnard Dog Park improvements.

Question: Where can I find the information if I am interested in the monetary details?

There are meticulous details of all monetary activity. Summary statements will be posted on the website. Anyone interested in seeing all of details and backup can request to see it and we can bring it to the dog park.

If you have questions, please let us know and we will answer them.